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Direct current motor / geared motor
Optical and magnetic encoder
DC low inertia motor
DC low inertia brushless motor
Electrical actuator
Tangential fan
Asynchronous motor
Centrifugal fan
Universal motor / vacuum cleaner motor
Axial fan
Synchronous motor / geared motor
Brushless resolver
Stepping motor / geared motor
Direct current brushless motor / geared motor



General characteristics (Characteristics necessary for all products) :

Maximum dimensions (excluding rotation shaft) :

Max. length. :  

Operating voltage :        

Max. width :  


Ambient operating temperature :

Max. height :  


Operation : intermittent   continuous

Working times per day :  
Stop times per day :

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Specific characteristics
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Operating frequency :

Maximum rotation speed :       

Operating speed :                 

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Operating torque :                

Voltage output at 1000 r.p.m. :

Displacement speed :           

Operating flow :                       

Dynamic force :                    

Static pressure :                       

Number of steps (or points) per rotation :


Rotation : reversible       clockwise      anticlockwise


Maximum axial load on the shaft :    

Maximum radial load on the shaft :     

placed at a distance of :  from the front of the mounting point.


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